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Activities: (please check often for changes)

January, 2011 LEO Wives Night Out in Santa Maria. Check your email!

February 28, 2011 - Montly Ladies Night Out in Lompoc. Location/Time have been emailed.

March 2011 - Montly Ladies Night Out in SY Valley. Location/Time to be emailed.

April,30 2011 - 4th Annual Range Day at SBSO Range. Emails/Evites have been sent. Limited to first 25 women who RSVP. This is a day not to be missed! If you have any questions, email marla@sbleowives.org

May 2011 TBD

May 2011 TBD

June 2011 TBD

July 2011 TBD

August 2011 TBD

October 2011-LEO Kids Halloween Party TBD

December 2011 Cookie Exchange/Boutique

Please check the forum for addtional details. All events are subject to change.

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